Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cake, cooking and the Beach

Another really busy week!  I've managed to do a fair bit of making and crafting, which has been nice.

First, the birthday cake, after much faffing trying to make teeny wee flowers, I googled Tinkerbell cakes and got a few ideas of what the cake should look like.  I used a heart shaped cutter and a circular one to cut larger petals to make the flowers and then sent Mr H on an 11th hour trip to the supermarket to buy some Tinkerbell figurines.   I had spotted them the day before, but not thought to buy them, put it together and Ta da!

Maybe not the best cake ever made, but R was delighted and her friends seemed impressed too.  The good news is that she now wants a mermaid cake for her real birthday next month, so I need to get back to the drawing board, watch this space ;-)

The cake with the Pixie Hollow background that came with the fairy figures
 The party itself was total chaos, about 40 kids running round the hall while we tried to organise games.  It was so noisy with the kids and all their parents chatting that we didn't really stand a chance.  We managed musical bumps and a few rounds of pass the parcel, but they all seemed to have a good time and went home with a wee pressie each.  Next year I think we will do something a little more low key!
 Wednesday and another party, this time for a group of friends.  Everyone brought a little something, fruit from me.  I pinched this idea from a pinterest post (another thing I have been busy with this week, although I don't have much on it yet!)

 The weather has been changeable here too this week.  A lovely sunrise over the church roof

and a chilly walk to nursery, we always walk spread out like this, usually with me at the front calling 'come on, we'll be late' and trying to chivvy them along

 A really cold day, so the stove went on early, I took the opportunity to try cooking on our wood burning stove for the first time.  I boiled the potatoes and carrots and then fried the sausages, added them together with a tin of tomatoes and some herbs and had a lovely sausage stew.  Even better, I made them without being away in the kitchen so could keep an eye on the girls too, it felt very sociable.
Afterwards a lovely cosy story with KP.

Today was another cold day, we had a wee flurry of snow on Thursday which is still lying in places, but we decided to brave the weather and head to the beach at Largs.

 The drive there takes us over hills where there was still a fair bit of snow.

R loves going to the beach, she spent about an hour throwing stones in the water and collecting shells and polished bits of glass.

Looking towards Dunoon
It was flat calm, the only waves appeared when the ferry to Millport came in and went out.  You could watch them rolling along the beach, like mini surfer waves and they made the oddest slapping noise when they reached the beach.

We all had a great day popping into Nardinis for lunch and finishing up in the playpark for a swing.  Hopefully they will both sleep well tonight after all that fresh air, I know I will!

More later about all the photos I have taken this week for the scavenger hunt and the monthly makes (which I though would be a struggle but have managed quite a few).

Have a good weekend one and all ;-)

Friday, 20 January 2012

What a week!  It's been really hectic.  We have a birthday party (a combined one with 2 of R's friends)  It has been on my mind all week as we were sharing the purchase of food, decorations and prizes.  After 3 trips to the supermarket, I think I have everything I was supposed to get.  I've agreed to run the games and just hope it all goes well, 36 four year olds for an hour and a half - what can go wrong!  I've just finished decorating R's cake, 'a fairy cake mum', I thought good, nice and simple, wee cakes with nice icing.  How naive!  A fairy cake mum, you know, with fairies on it.

Tinkerbell has a lot to answer for!

Wish me luck and I'll hopefully be able to post some pics tomorrow.