Thursday, 29 December 2011

Decorations, skirts and chocolate (again!)

December has flown past, I started with good intentions to be organised this year, I'm not sure how successful we have been though.  It started well with the cards and decorations to make with R, but the last week has been a little trickier.  R caught chicken pox and the spots started appearing on Saturday, so no Christmas parties this week (thankfully she didn't know they were on so didn't miss them).  Instead cabin fever has been setting in - we have watched so many DVD's!  She has also been busy drawing pictures which seem to have gone from scribbles to recognisable figures so quickly.

I have been wearing my skirt/dress everyday for dressember and have to confess to quite enjoying it!  I'm ususally a bit of a scruff and always have my jeans on.  I did get an early present from my DH of a lovely pair of boots so that has helped.  My feet have been nice and cosy and dry despite the snow.

My favourite wooly dress, very Christmassy!

very sensible!

We finally managed to get the tree up and some decorations popped round the room.  Most of my favourites were bought in Sweden where we went on our honeymoon.

These came as a little kit from Panduro, there are 12 of them scattered over my tree (although some are looking a little tattered courtesy of R when she was wee)

Our advent calendar, the elves visited each night and left a sweet.

 I made these stars a few years ago, I think the pattern came from a Martha Stewart programme.  They are a little fiddly to start with but look great and are amazingly robust!

 I made this stocking with the intention of doing one for each child I had.  Stocking number 2 is started, although not finished.  Maybe KP will have it by the time she's 2!

I'll sign off now even though I have more to post, this post has taken about a week to write, the joys of Christmas! ;-)


Saturday, 3 December 2011


December already, where has the time gone?  It does mean that we can start all the Christmas preparations - yay!
It's not snow, I made some peppermint creams