Friday, 1 February 2013

A busy two weeks- Part 1

I always feel that January flies past and is a very busy month.  After the chaos of the pre-Christmas rush and then the idleness of New Year, I'm usually good at starting the year by getting things done!  

The weather has been quite chilly over the past few weeks, but we wrapped up warm and headed up to the top of a nearby field.  KP was quite tired and the walk didn't last long but it was nice to get out.  Hot chocolates all round when we got home. 
Trying out the new wellies.  Away in the distance you can just see Glasgow.
 It's been the kind of wintery weather that makes stodgy food so welcome.
A cosy breakfast with some posh raspberry jam (my Mum makes up a Christmas hamper for me each year) and my new spotty mug.  Just the right size for the morning caffeine hit.  Imagine my dismay when the handle cracked 2 days later. ;-(

I tried an old recipe from my great-grannies cook book too and made sausage pie.  When I read the title I imagined nice pastry, but it turns out it's more like cottage pie, but made with sausages.
We tweaked the recipe a wee bit, adding a few more ingredients.  There were 4 clean plates at the end of the meal, so we'll assume it was a success!

I thought I'd share some lovely pictures of a building Mr H is working on at the moment.  It was a children's day nursery for many years and is being converted back into a house.
Some beautiful old wallpaper which has another few layers on top.
The entrance hall with it's original tiling still intact.

The view from the roof.  The church with the scaffolding is another building Mr H is working on.
The window on the stair - It's a pretty grand place!

 I think I'll need to sign off now, the kids are starting to lose interest in CBeebies so back to work for me! ;-)

I'll post part 2 as soon as I'm able - lots of crafting!


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