Sunday, 13 January 2013

I'm back

Happy New Year to everyone, what a year 2012 turned out to be.  I only started blogging in September 2011 and made it to March 2012 and then it all stopped.  I do have a good reason, honest! 

Would you like to see my excuse?

There she is, little Lollipop.  We were taken a little by surprise but now can't imagine life without her!  I suffer from pretty bad morning sickness, although it was as usual, worse at night.  For the first few months I was asleep most nights by 8 o'clock, so my blogging time was spent in the land of nod!  

With a new arrival imminent, we had to try and finish the house so it was off to storage with furniture and boxes, plastering finished and walls painted.  The outside of the house was rendered and the floors inside sanded.  

The gable end
The scaffolding around the back of the house



Skirting boards and door frames were cut, painted and fitted (mostly by me and bump) and the girls finally had a finished (more or less) bedroom to sleep in.  I finally put door handles on the kitchen cabinets and took the protective film off the doors (the kitchen had been in for about 20 months so it was almost like having a new kitchen again)  Our bedroom is now painted too although it was done after baby arrived and while we were in hospital.  Phew!

The garden has been totally neglected and if anything is in a worse state than it was before.  I still managed a little bit of crafting but not nearly enough!  The girls have grown and are turning into little characters, so alike, but so individual.  They think their little sister is great and have become very helpful, getting nappies for me and rocking her moses basket - long may it continue!

this year I am planning to 

* finish all the painting in the house - mostly windows
*get the house in order - back to using flylady to organise the chaos
*craft, craft, craft, hopefully making some nice nicknacks for the house
*tackle the garden, some flowers would be nice and some home grown vegetables
*spend vast quantities of time with the kids, playing, entertaining them and generally having fun
* go on holiday, somewhere, anywhere!

Let's see how we do, I hope you'll join me, look in often and leave nice comments to encourage and cajole me.

Christmas Day walk on the beach


  1. Congratulations! The best kind of reason for a bloggy break :-). It sounds like you've done a tremendous amount to the house too, well done!

  2. Congratulations - you've been busy!
    Your new floor looks fantastic, and the baby's not bad either, hehe!
    Looking forward to reading more in 2013...

  3. Thankyou both, nice to be back and it will mean I WILL take pictures of the wee one!

  4. A huge congrats to you and your family. She is gorgeous,

  5. Well there's a surprise! Cong artful actions and welcome back. Xxx

  6. The middle bit of my comment above was suppose to say congratulations but my ipad decided to do something in its own language! Xxx

  7. You have to love modern technology Lyn, that made me laugh! ;-), thanks Meredith, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone else's blogs too