Thursday, 7 February 2013

A busy two weeks - Part 2

Finally - two minutes to catch up with the blog!  I have been a busy wee crafter over the last few weeks.

The house has been desperately needing proper curtains.  All our windows are single glazed and after the rain and snow of recent weeks, we have been feeling the cold.  I wanted to line the curtains and with the way the pattern was laid out, was going to have to join the fabric to make the right width for the window.  I was finalising my measurements to work out the hems and realised that the width of the fabric was the exact drop I needed for the windows.  I remarked to Mr H that it was a shame the pattern went the wrong way as it would make it much easier to sew.  The fabric had a leafy design and after a quick squint at the fabric we decided we liked it just fine going sideways!  So the curtains needed no joins and were much easier to make - yay!

After all that work I felt I deserved a wee treat craftwise and decided to do something frivilous.  I had long fancied making a crochet blanket for my bed and decided to try out some granny squares.  I had a few odds and ends of wool that I rescued when a friend was clearing out, so got to work on a wee blanket for baby Lollipop.

 I have no idea what kind of wool it was but the colours went quite nicely.  After making a few squares I realised I didn't have enough wool to make a blanket, so I made a wee mat for the windowsill.  It looks nice with a spring vase of flowers.

I was really pleased as the granny squares were so quick to do and decided to look for a pattern for something bigger.  A quick scout on pinterest brought a new blog for me.  According to Matt has a similar colourbase to Attic 24 and as all my walls are white, bright colours fit in quite well.

I fell in love with Matt's granny square blanket and after a few days of telling myself I had lots of other things to do.....

A parcel arrived!
Full of lovely colours!

20 of them!
I splashed out and bought the Stylecraft Special DK Colour Pack (Hunt about on google for the best prices) that Matt had used.  I also added in 3 darker colours to make the overall look a little less pastel-y.  I added green, claret and raspberry.  I'm going to try and make the blanket completely random and have decided to join as I go and will try to sew in the ends as I go too - wonder how long that will last?!

Work is progressing steadily and I've borrowed a friends yarn winder which makes the balls a little more manageable and they take up less space. 

So hopefully I'll have more pics soon, have fun, xx

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  1. My goodness you are getting a lot done. Love the new yarn.