Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm still here!

Hello blogland, I've been missing in action for nearly a month.  My camera has been broken and I've been taking snaps on my phone, but Mr H has the cable at work so I can't show those pics either and I have some beauties!

I have also been crafting my socks off.  My girlies now have curtains in their bedroom (yay) and I may even get some up soon in my own room.  February's craft project has taken longer than planned and been slightly highjacked with a 'this one I need to finish' project so I am plodding along slowly but hope to be posting regularly soon.

I had a lovely message from Lyn asking how March's scavenger hunt was going, truth is I wrote down the list on a piece of paper at the start of the month and promptly lost it.  March seems to have been a terribly disorganised month ;-)  I'll pop over to Postcards from the PP and write out another list.  I still have 4 days to come up with the goods!

TTFN and wish me luck